Thursday, 16 February 2012

Nottingham Shoot: Day Five

This time i have left Fairham brook and gone to Attenborough Nature Reserve owned by Nottingham wildlife trust it was named after the great naturalist David Attenborough. It has a number of wintering species like bittern, goosander, various warblers, grebes and Egyptian geese. Find out more about the reserve below:

Attenborough Nature Reserve Website

Whilst walking around, a Tufted duck flew by which i panned. Birds in flight is something i really need to work on and get more shots of. its important to keep at the same speed as the bird while its flying either with a fast shutter speed like above or a slow shutter for a more artistic approach.

Tree sparrows are something of a slight fascination to me. as a child they where a very common bird in my garden, now there are none but they do still inhabit some areas like  the bird feeders at Attenborough.

 Egyptian geese are resident at the reserve wondering around the place.

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