Sunday, 26 February 2012

Coastal walk

This morning i decided id go for a little walk well about 7 miles in total! i started in falmouth and followed the route to maenporth. along the pathway i saw a lone peregrine falcon fly over though i only had a fisheye with me typical!

i went to see if any reptile would be out yet in particular slow worms i checked my usual spot and found none still a bit early for them but then spotted one in the undergrowth and gently moved him out to take a couple of shots. according to ARG (Amphibian Reptile Group) this is also the first slow worm found in 2012!

afterwards i walked back until i stumbled upon another species that is out early a beetle not sure what species it is so if you have any ideas please message me!

Because of Cornwall's warm temperatures a lot of species that are still hibernating come out early here with daffodils and frogspawn already all over the county.

Hints -

- Dont be afraid to pick animals up however be careful as some may not appreciate it and as the case with most herptiles its illegal, slow worms being the exception.

- Be attentive these species are out very early its always a good idea to report the sitings to wildlife trusts and specialist groups

- Take a drink ! this was a long walk and as hard as it my be to believe im not the fittest person ever so take along some nibbles and a drink of water!

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