Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nottingham Shoot: Day one

Kingfishers & Grebes

as part of the freshwater fish project im also looking at there predators and with the shear abundance of wetland predators near my home i traveled from Cornwall to Nottingham. I got shots first at Fairham Brook a 2 minute walk from my house its has a pair of kingfishers i know well. i put a perch up and sure enough they went on it straight away however once they spotted me were straight of so later in the week i'll do a early shoot and wait in a hide for them. Mallards were feeding in the snow around me while i waited.

                                                             Female Mallard in snow

                              Shame about the twigs over him but good to see him out and about

Afterwards i turned my attention to another fish eating river bird, Great crested grebes. They quite abundant in Nottingham and are in most lakes, rivers and canals here. I chose to get shots along the West Bridgeford stretch of the River Trent as it has a regular pathway so the grebes are quite used to people and enabled me to use a 300mm to get shots. I think a bit closer to them would of worked better like a 500mm or longer but they did come close.

                                                       a hint of the snowfall from last week
                            Rain can really enhance a image so dont be discourage to go out in it

Hints - 
- Go out in the rain can be very rewarding
- Be patient and persistant 
- Know your location and what is going to be there

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