Saturday, 28 January 2012

Trebah Koi

As part of my third year project ' How fish have adapted to survival in rivers ' im spending alot of time photographing fish and other species around river systems. For practice i went to Trebah gardens today to get underwater shots of Koi carp a large sluggish fish that would hopefully prove to be easy to photograph.

Having been Trebah many times in the past i'd never visited the koi pond which had a number of fish in there including two grass carp.

 The good thing with this was the fish are quite tame so it was easy enough to get shots close up

Heres a short video of the fish

Monday, 23 January 2012

Back to Cornwall

Heres some videos i've shot whilst back in cornwall

a snorkel around the cornish coast looking at starfish and anomies under the water

i was lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins and plenty of seals on this shoot!

a trip to the lost gardens on Heligan a worth while trip for any photographer!

Deer, Swans and a escaping Perch

Photographing deer at wollaton park, Nottingham

Swans and other waterfowl at Colwick Country park, Nottingham

Looking at underwater photography with mini species of fish