Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Nottingham Shoot: Day Four

I started the morning looking for small freshwater fish mainly stone loach and the rarer cousin the spined loach a fish you can only find in the east of england. the loach were proving very elusive however a few Bullheads, Minnows and Sticklebacks did show up giving me something to photograph.

Where Fairham brook meets the River Trent a prime habitat for many species of fish.

i then went out after the kingfisher once again but before i could put the Gopro on the branch but he beat me to it an was already there. I waited for him to leave and attached it but he did not return and this was as close as i got to him.

Tomorrow i have a bit of a dilema to either carry on with the kingfisher or go to a different site for other species not sure at the moment!

Hints -
Know you location i now know where the kingfisher lands and where he is most likely to feed this is a big help when im trying to photograph him

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