Friday, 17 February 2012

Nottingham Shoot: Day Six

So Today was my last day shooting and i tried for the Kingfisher once again and did get GoPro although it sat right on the far end of the branch and was tiny in the frame so not much use to me.
So i thought instead to have my last shoot at my favorite place to shoot in Nottingham, Colwick country park. Its not a nature reserve or owned by any trusts just a large wetland area with a few fishing lakes but it has a wealth of species.

 a few migratory visitors like the golden eye (below) and mandarin (above) which lives there year round.
Many small fish inhabit the rivers and lakes in the area these being minnows i put in a glass tank which of course attract predators

Great crested grebe

its been good to be home and get a few shots but now back to Cornwall!

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