Friday, 2 May 2014

Top Tips for watching British Fish

Britain has a massive variety of fish species with 300 + sea species ranging from rock gobies the size of your thumb to basking sharks bigger then a bus. Its the freshwater species I'm concentrating on though with this (living about as from the sea as its possible in England) There are 54 species give or take migratory fish and alien species and despite swimming around in our rivers, lakes, canals and ponds there are ways to see and interact with them, you don't have to jump in with them like me!

Fish Watching Tips

  • Wear polarising sunglasses to cut through the glare of the water and see the fish. (When taking pictures of fish above water use a polarising filter)

  • Keep low down away from the skyline while walking upstream out of the fish's view

  • Don't stomp your feet; the fish will feel your vibrations

  • The clearer the water the easier it is to spot fish

  • Fish rarely hang out in the open: look for cover

  • Dull clothes will help you blend in

  • Look for flashes or movement in the water

  • Try throwing in bait and see if anything takes it like bread or kitchen scraps which are easy to see being taken

BBC Wildlife Local Patch Reporter

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