Saturday, 10 May 2014

This week i visited Attenborough Nature Reserve for the Big 50 event happening celebrating 50 years of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust while also trying to find 50 new species for the reserve. This gosling as a pleasant distraction while walking to the hides.

a recent edition to the reserve is the sand martin hides behind the visitor centre, well worth a visit to see this stunning birds.

I've honestly never really given them much thought but were amazing to sit and watch coming in and out of the holes which have been made for them.

 Its amazing how close they get so its important to be quiet in the hide, the strong winds outside also blew the birds close to the glass for great views.

The sand martins inspect the holes bringing nesting material to there new homes.

You can see the natural sand banks in the background where the sand martins also breed but these artificial holes work just as well.

 Attenborough have set up cameras inside some of the nests offering fantastic views of the birds. Mike Dilger will be opening the hide on Sunday the 11th May while Springwatch will be looking to feature them also.

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  1. It looks such a wonderful hide, amazing to get such close views of sand martin