Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Kingfisher: The Blue Flash

So this week I'm on my local patch looking for something above water for a change (shock horror!), the Kingfisher. I've never really been into birding but theirs just something about that electric blue flashing by that has always fascinated me with kingfishers. 

Rather then go with a long lens to start with i opted for a wide angle lens with a remote trigger and this was my first shot. Not my favourite image but a start, out of shot I'm hiding in the bushes with netting all over me.

I then changed to a 50mm lens so by no means a long lens but just to see how that looks with the kingfisher which again i quite liked. They quickly got used to the camera and the shutter going off and enabled me to get some more unusual images.

I switched to a more traditional long lens in the end but still tried to add elements of its environment into the images. Kingfishers with a black beak tend to be males while females have a bit of orange on them. the line down a kingfishers back also indicates age the shorter it being the older the bird.

Short Video of them

BBC Wildlife Local Patch Reporter
Jack Perks

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