Thursday, 6 December 2012

UK Mini Fish Project

So i haven'nt really done a blog on my project yet but i though i'd put in detail what i'm planning to do and how people can get involved and help.

This project aims to look at Britains smaller freshwater fish and look into the the decline of them and to find out why this is happening. Rasing awareness for the species is key using a mixture of science and underwater photography to create a unique and special project. This project is funded by National Geographic and realies heavily from the public filling in surveys, voulnteering and general support which is needed.

Species like 10 spined stickleback are increasingly rare (or miss identified as 3 spined stickleback) and Spined loach are only found in five British rivers, becasue of there tiny size they often get over looked but without these smaller fish starting the food chain off the kingfishers and otters everyone likes to see simply would'nt be present!

The main way people can help is to fill in my survey or pass it on to other people weither there a angler or have some kind of background that would put them into contact with smaller fish.

Mini Fish Survey

Heres a interview i had with BBC Radio Nottingham about the project

The project runs from April - September 2013 and with the scientific help from Dr. Nicholas Ray of Nottingham Trent University the project aims to be a mix of science and media.

Part 2 of my interview with BBC Radio Nottingham

Rough timeline of project (subject to change)

April - VOULNTEERS NEEDED! - Surveys around a number of rivers in the East Midlands including the Trent, Leen, Derwent, Erewash, Soar and Witham if you think you can help get in contact via the Facebook Page - Facebook Page or email

20th April - Species Fishing Match - a charity event to raise money and awareness for the project on Nottingham/Beeston canal aiming to catch as many species as possible. cash prizes to be won!

Species Match Group

May - Electro Fishing with the EA - I'll be going on a number of electro fishing surveys with the Environment agency to see what species turn up.

- Night Fish Survey - Bullheads and Stone loach are mostly active at night so i'll be conducting a survey at night to see how many we can come across

June - Trent Underwater - Doing some underwater photography in the River Trent the 3rd largest river in the country.

August - Collect data and send of to National Geographic

October - release findings and images in London at the National Geographic Store (possibely a smaller event in East Midlands also)


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