Thursday, 13 December 2012

Attenborough Nature Reserve In Winter

 Went to visit one of my favourite local nature reserves today, Attenborough Nature Reserve

The light was brilliant for a change and started off near the visitor's centre, where the birds are more tame, and getting low for a better perspective.

With the ice being all over the ground and water, lots of birds have been pushed closer to the edge of the lakes so by waiting at the side patiently I got shots of the tufted ducks.

It's a shame I don't shoot more environment shots but the frost on the vegatation was standing out to me.

Though quite far, this Goosander was on the top of my hitlist to photograph. I think a hide would be better for these as it proved very skittish.

Hint -

- Visiting a reserve in a differnet season will reveal differnet highlights with winter comes frost, snow and colder weather which makes nice images and brings migrating birds.

- i got down low which is a standard practice now getting more on there level and a more engaging image.

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