Saturday, 28 April 2012

Top Five Nature Photo Books

So slightly different to what i normally do but heres my Top Five Nature Photography Books
these are books i've looked at and thought would be useful to other nature loving people.

 Joe Cornish: A Photographer at Work

I've met Joe a couple of times and his thought process and patience for photography is incredible. This book gives you a unique insite to his mindset about landscape photography around the UK.

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BWPA: Collection 1 & 2

Show casing the very best of British wildlife photography this photo book dosent distract with large amounts of text just a very high standard portfolio of work.

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Wild Seas Secret Shores of Africa : Thomas Peschak

Probably my favourite Underwater Photographer Tom has a mastery of underwater photography getting interaction shots with his subjects in situations you wouldn't think possible, a must for any underwater photographer!

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 Freeze Frame: A Wildlife Cameraman's  Adventures of Ice - Doug Allan

Last week Doug gave a talk to my Uni and after working in the wildlife filming business for over 30 years mostly with the BBC on series such as Blue Planet, Life and Life in the freezer hes got a photo or two to put into a book!

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 The Invisible Wildlife Photographer: Bence Mate

Known for getting into Wildlife Photographer of year several times and his unique and inspiring images this book showcases a range of his work mostly his improvised hide work.

And lastly heres my attempt at a book not being published this is the end process of a year long project into Freshwater fish in the UK's Rivers it will how ever be visalbe along with prints and many other nature photographers work as Nature Exposed

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