Friday, 20 April 2012

Rosemullion, Cornwall

Rosemullion is on the Helford river in Cornwall and joining fellow Nature Exposed Photographer Ben Protheroe we looked around the shore and rockpools for subjects to photograph. Ben concentrated on macro above water while i looked at fisheye under the water a personal favorite of mine!

Cornish sucker fish (above) are quite abundant in the rockpools of the south west and are quite unusual among fish as they dont have a swim bladder.

Edible crab 

Taking a break from the rockpools i noticed quite alot of flowers near this coastal location and as its something i very rarely photograph thought id give it go with some surprising results for me!

if your good with plants id welcome the id as i havent a clue what the bottom one is

Taken not far away this video shows me rockpooling and snorkelling at Pendennis, Cornwall

Hints -

- Be willing to work with others with the rockpooling i knew quite alot of the species where as ben knew the area well so team work can benefit both parties!
- Watch out for the tide coming in it can come quick another reason for a partner!
- Crabs have claws and aren't afraid to use them wear gloves for them!

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