Saturday, 14 April 2012

Bissoe visit with CRAG & Cornwall wildlife trust

Getting in contact with local groups is incredibly beneficial to the nature photographer as theirs wealth of knowledge to be had with in them so acting on this i went to a reptile & amphibian survey day at Bissoe valley nature reserve in Cornwall not far from Truro and owned by Cornwall Wildlife Trust. The wildlife trust is a great organisation to get involved where ever you are in the country and would highly recommend getting involved with them! the other organisation there today was CRAG (Cornwall Reptile & Amphibian Group) who monitor the herptiles around Cornwall.

Duncan (centre) the warden for Bissoe taking us around the reserve and its many ponds home to Palmate newts, Grass snakes and  Toads.

Pete one of CRAG'S volunteers with a damsel fly

 One of the many Palmate newts found during the survey
 While the volunteers look for amphibian life this Common Toad sits by the pond with its tadpoles

After this herptile filled morning i then went to slow worm site not to far away to try my look for some legless lizards and found a healthy population basking in the april sunshine.

Hints -

- Get involved with the Wildlife Trusts! or other organisations like ARG, RSPB and The National Trust
- Know what species are likely to be in the area

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