Monday, 2 June 2014

Pond Sucess

So very happy with my wildlife pond less then a year since i made it larger and planted the wild flowers behind and its really taking shape. I've put lots of native pond plants in the pond like water crow foot, iris and bush rushes with Lillie's and water cress in there to.

A great find for me was a damselfly i don't often get any dragonflies or damsels in the pond as until recently had little vegetation suitable for them to climb out onto and lay eggs. I'm unsure on the species so feel free to let me know.

In all the weeds a toad was also sunning himself a bit unusual as normally hidden in the log pile behind.

TIP - if your pond is looking a bit green its because of excess algae which can be harmful to some wildlife in large amounts (pets and children also should watch out for blue green algae). 

You can but chemicals to sort it but i prefer to do it naturally and one way is to put a bag of barley straw into the pond which breaks down the algae. Lots of pond plants and Daphnia will also help keep the pond clean and if the water is clearer you'll be able to see more wildlife. if you look at the top image the green colour has gone after about month.

BBC Wildlife Local Patch Reporter
Jack Perks

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