Monday, 2 September 2013

RSPB Arne, Dorset

Traveling to Dorset i was in search of britains rarest reptile the Smooth snake and Arne is about the best location in the country to see them. Going around with the wardens to try find one early in the morning but no success with the smooth snakes however...

... we did come across a adder something thats not all that common ar Arne (ironicall smooth snakes are more common there)

suffering from smooth snake blues i went off to the ponds that have a good number of raft spiders one of the largest species in the UK. They can actually catch small fish and frogs.

Walking in the woodland part to one of the hides i came across this common lizard up a tree which i though was rather strange.

One of the young marsh harriers from poole flew by while in the hide which was lovely to see.

On a bit of luck the wardens deceided to go out again on the off chance of finding a smooth snake for a educational show the next day and let me tag along also. The thrid tin we found a glouriuos smooth snake!

i should point out you need a licence to handle or photograph these snakes which i have from previous survey work

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