Sunday, 1 September 2013

Dragonflies at Idle Valley Nature Reserve

Having visited idle only a couple of times this year i was looking forward to seeing what the september sun will bring and it didn't disapoint! which was good for me as i was leading a macro photography workshop looking at butterflies and dragonflies mainly. Walking through the woodland area we saw plenty of speckled wood butterflies suning themselves.

The dragonflies really played ball on this day and with a breezy cool start we found a few basking on the bushes like this male migrant hawker.

some were also feeding with one eating a wasp and this female migrant hawker tucking into a fly.

Me being me i had to grab a wide angle of a dragonfly and got this chaser warming up on a post.

I don't normally take shots on my workshops as i like to have full attention on my clients but with all the dragonflies around i had to take a couple of shots and as you can see everybody got some shots of dragonflies!

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