Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Travelling to London for a Urban Photography Workshop organised by ideastap i really wasn't sure what to expect but turned out to be a fantastic day trip.

Led by wildlife photographer Ian Green who I'd highly recommend if you ever get the chance to do one of his workshops! as well as myself several other ideastap members came along.

 Starting of at Camley street natural park right next to st pancras this chiff chaff was hoping around after insects and posed nicely on this post.

One of the themes i got from the workshop was to include wildlife and the urban environment so trying this out here with the buildings in the background and swan in foreground.

One of the things about camely that attracted me to it was the terrapins present as i have a deep interest in all things scaly!

a unexpected find but a pike came in to investigate along regents canal.

finishing the day off at regents park lots of grey herons present and other water fowl.

Hints -
  • Although I'd say i have a fairly good understanding of photography its always good to meet other people who do similar things and share ideas and tips.
  • London has all manner of tame wildlife and well worth a shoot!
  • get onto websites that have prises, competitions and give aways as you never know if your gonna win!

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