Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jersey - Part 1

So i recently took a trip to Jersey in the channel islands the most southern point in the UK. It had a wealth of wildlife to choose from and i had local photographer and friend Mark Fox to help me locate species.

With reptiles being one of my main interests i was keen to find the two lizards that can be found on jersey and not mainland Britain naturally the wall lizard and green lizard.

The wall lizards turned out to be a pleasant surprise as they weren't to scared of people and allowed me to get quite close with causing distress to the animal.

Green lizards on the other had prefer a different type of habitat and needed a little more skill to get the shot. using techniques i've done with sand lizards and common lizards i got up early so they would be out basking and slow moving allowing me to get closer without them running of.

Hints -

- you dont have to go to the seringeti to get great wildlife shots and remember britain is a island nation with hundreds of islands containing wildlife the mainland doesn't.

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