Monday, 4 June 2012

Sharpham, Devon

crossing the boarder from Cornwall to Devon i soon entered Totnes where i would be spending the next few days shooting a variety of subjects.

Sharpham is a trust that owns a large amount of land with diverse habitats like estuaries, woodland, ponds and farmland. the wildlife is even more diverse and this is what attracted me to the area with otters, badgers, seals, egrets and owls all present.

i started out using a hide for most of the time then wondering around to find certain species.

With the increasingly bad weather I couldn’t use the infrared trigger with all the wet weather (I’ve already had a couple of run ins wit H2o & equipment) so I planed the next day for landscapes and smaller species.

The visit was a great chance to do aspects of photography I don’t do very often as well as practicing the ones I do a lot

Heres a trail cam shot of one of the otters at the site not far from where i set the hide up foxes and badgers are also present in this location. 

Hints –

-       Be prepared to try things you don’t’ normally do, I mainly like underwater photography but the chance to try out landscape and mammals gave me a better understanding of them
-       Ask and you shall receive! A simple email to the reserve and I was able to stay I would recommend sending emails to locations you may wish to do work with
-       Know your equipment! One of the main aims was to use infrared camera traps for badgers, otters and foxes (all of which are present) but the wet weather prevented this so I didn’t want to risk breaking the trigger.
-       Try to have a clear objective the trouble (or pleasure depending on your mind frame) I found was there was so much to photograph here I kept getting distracted so next time I’ll try for a more focused target!

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