Sunday, 24 June 2012

Castle beach dive & Sand lizards

Castle beach

I did a shallow dive along castle beach on monday not really knowing what to expect, having done numerous rockpool studies there is was interesting to find what lied just that little bit further

a few days later my other great love in photography, reptiles came to my attention as i went looking at my sand lizard site to see how many i could find. it was incredible with over 12 different sitings showing a healthy population.

Male sand Lizard

Male Common Lizard

Hints -

- When doing a shallow dive buoyancy is key so you dont stir up the bottom (i'll be the first to admit mine isn't perfect!) the 'backscatter' can really hinder a otherwise great image

- Try to visualise what your going to find, in this case a fisheye lens wasn't the best choice as most of the subjects were quite small but i made do with what i had.

- Timing is key! the lizards are super charged with energy by midday however in the morning they are slow and more accommodating the photograph!

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