Friday, 2 March 2012

St ives Bird Photography

The second day of guided trips this time at St ives in Cornwall its a beautiful location on the north coast. I was surprised to find out this is where we were doing bird photography when there are so many other locations in Cornwall but many species inhabit the area. St ives is actually a great place to do photography as its location traps a lot of of light. As well for a change i used canon instead of nikon which was different but think i'll stick with nikon.
We came across a old building that had many House sparrows and Starlings living around it

Starlings are often over looked for photography but as you can clearly see here have some vibrant tones when the light hit them.  
House sparrows are on decline up to 68% since the 1970's 

Afterwards i decided to try my luck on the rocky shore for some waders. almost instantly i came across 4 or 5 purple sandpipers and a dozen turnstones feeding together the sandpipers proved hard to get close to but the turnstones where quite obliging.

Hints - 
- Use a low aperture to blur the background and bring more focus to the foreground subject in this case the birds
- Know where species are likely to come close, St ives has a lot of birds that are used to people and willing to come closer then there wild counterparts

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