Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bissoe Newts

Having been to Bissoe a few times over the last year and my house mate James (who's been studying the place for his third year project) had told me about all the pond which i was keen to try something very rarely attempted in the UK to photograph wild newts in the habitat and NOT in a tank.

 Not that i have a problem with shots in tanks as its a lot easier to to get otherwise unreachable species and that not everyone has a underwater camera including me, i have loan it from the university.

Back to the newts Bissoe has a population of Palmate Newts they are quite numerous in Cornwall and the only amphibian that is currently increasing its numbers in the UK.  They tend to favour slightly acidic waters so i thought Bissoe would be ideal.

This Young palmate wasn't old enough to breed so not in the ponds found him under a rock, took the shot then gently let him crawl back under.

This female was rooting around the bottom as i edged towards her to get the shot. This is work in progress and hope to do the same with the other two species of newt in the UK.

Heres James lewis site check it out for plenty of Bissoe related images

Hints -
- The bottom was very silty so as soon as i went in the edge with my wellies it stirred up the water making underwater photography impossible so i only have a 5 or 6 second window on each subject before the clouds of slit fill the image with back scatter.

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