Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Film: River Derwent

I'm currently doing a commission for the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust on a short film profiling the River Derwent and Its wildlife as well as showing problems and successes on the river.

Cattle eroding the riverbanks 

I've got the next few months to try and capture as much as possible before editing it into a short film that will then be released for everyone to see. I'm trying to build up a data base of locations to film various wildlife along the Derwent, Rivers that enter the Derwent such as the Wye or Lathkill and work out how best to film which is where you may be able to help! below is a list of priority species. if you know of a likely sight to see these please get in touch. If you have any suggestions or other species that use/inhabit the river I'm keen to cover a range of species, issues and triumphs. 

Water Vole


White Clawed Crayfish
Signal Crayfish
Mayfly Larvae
Stonefly Larvae 

Brook Lamprey
(any shallow area with clear water)

Problems and Successes 
Willow Weaved into banks
Invasive species
Pond restoration near rivers

Himalayan balsam a non native plant found along various points of the Derwent  

Bullheads are small fish living on the riverbed 

Little egrets are increasingly becoming more common on the Derwent

Jack Perks

Facebook: Jack Perks Photography
Website: www.jackperksphotography.com


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