Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Review: MacWet Gloves

Good grip on the binoculars 

So it's a wet and dull Tuesday morning at Skylarks Nature Reserve in Nottinghamshire and I'm testing out two products the T3 Trailfinder and Macwet Gloves however I've put them into separate posts so if your interested in seeing the Binoculars review click here.

Rain not proving a problem at all 

MacWet are a company based in the West Midlands and their gloves are for all kinds of outdoor uses like golf, fishing, clay pigeon shooting and even scuba diving but today I'm testing them with a bird watching/wildlife photography use in mind. So firstly, why use them?

Hands kept warm while waiting for the wildlife to appear 

Well on a day like today I wish I had brought my wetsuit as it was absolutely miserable! The gloves are actually measured to the person so they fit perfectly (I'm 8cm). They're comfortable and breathable so your hands don't get sweaty.

At £27.99 they are a investment for your birdwatching or photography 

Their motto is 'all grip, no slip' and it really rings true as with the increasingly bad weather it was like having a second skin on as the grip was more or less the same with them on.

Easy to adjust the dials 

They are not 100% waterproof, however my hand remained fairly dry and more importantly warm, which means I can handle the more fiddly bits on cameras and binoculars in cold/wet weather. They are made from a material called Aquatec, which is a material designed for grip and warmth when wet.

Smaller buttons easy to press 

In the past I've had problems with other gloves either being warm but not waterproof or vice versa. These gloves did a great job of keeping the wind off my hands and keeping them warm. Because they are quite thin, it means even the smaller buttons on the camera are easy to use.

Being lightweight they can be stuffed into camera bags and pockets with ease.

A velcro strap means you can fit the gloves to your wrist for a tight fit and keep out the wet this way. They come in two designs with a long cuff version (used here) which has a water resistant back and is fleece-lined. They other version is meant for warmer climates and both come in various colours like green, black and white.

Different sizes for different hands mean a snugger fit

For me as a photographer and cameraman, the main attraction is the fact that even with the gloves on you still retain dexterity and sensitivity while keeping the elements at bay. It also means that for tasks when I'd normally need to take the gloves off, like changing a memory card, battery or pressing small buttons. However, note that answering a smartphone or touchscreen may not work with the gloves on. To find out your size take a tape measure in centimetres, place the tape measure across the fleshy bit of skin just under your four fingers to give you your size. 7cm (size 7) is considered a medium women's size while 8cm (size 8) is considered a medium man's size.

Machine Washable 

The green colour is very helpful as it's surprising how much wildlife can spot the movement and colour of a hand, so when held against your face it acts as camouflage. The gloves are completely washable and doing this will keep them at their top performance.

Overall I would recommend the gloves for photography or any other outdoor use. I'll certainly give them a go next time I go fly fishing, gardening or hiking. It worked well in the wet weather and simple to use at an acceptable cost. For more equipment visit the MacWet Website

Jack Perks

Facebook: Jack Perks Photography


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