Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Appearing on Springwatch 2015

So after a month of waiting the piece I shot with Springwatch was finally shown and quite pleased how it turned out.

We filmed on the River Wye, Monmouthshire ideally hoping to film shad a stunning fish in the herring family that come into rivers to spawn. Though we were in the right place it was a bit early to see them however there was always a chance.


We set up next to the river for the interviews and then I donned the classic combo of flatcap and wetsuit (I'm sure it will take off eventually) and dipped in to see what lurking in the depths. The water was quite clear but very fast so had to watch my foothold but soon enough saw huge shoals of minnows and lots of stone loach in the gravel.

 My view from the other side of the interview with sound man Gary, cameraman Ralph and producer Bill

Shipping out the pole cam to film the fish 

Sitting and watching what unravels

As well as me getting in I had left some static cams in areas I thought fish would swim by and it wasn't until the main show that I saw anything had come by which was nice to see Chub and Brown Trout investigating the camera.

 Brown Trout
 Stone Loach


Springwatch have in recent years definitely started to show off more of the little guys not just fish but inverts and herps to and it can only be a good thing to highlight them in a positive way, just look at the tremendous response spineless simon the stickleback has had off this years show!

Watch the Springwatch piece here 39 Minutes in

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