Thursday, 11 September 2014

The OakTree Inn seemed very keen to promote the Arctic Charr (and they taste incredible) 

So last week took me to Loch Lomond one of the largest bodies of freshwater in the UK (or scotland depending how the vote goes) 5 miles at its widest and 623ft deep theres a lot of water for me to cover. My main target was one of the rarest fish in Great Britain the Powan which normally live in deep glacial lakes.

Rocking the one strap (Image Josh Jaggard)

Luckily I was in the capable hands of Oliver Hooker of the Scottish Centre for Ecology and the Natural Environment (SCENE) They take eggs from the adult powan and rear the fry to be studied and released back into the loch which is where i got my chance to take a few images.

Juvenile Powan released into the Loch

Powan have a few problems facing them from climate change, eutrophication and one of the biggest threats the invasive ruffe that eats the young and eggs.

A almost shocked looking Powan

The large eyes are ideal for living in the deep dark depths of Lochs

You can just make out the adipose fin between the dorsal and tail which distinguishes the fish from small silver fish like dace and roach which it may be confused with at a young age.

Atlantic Salmon Parr

As well as Powan SCENE study Arctic Charr, Brown Trout and Salmon.

One or two fish in the Loch

Despite its size its relatively easy to find signs of fish in the loch with perch, roach and pike being very abundant.

Brown Trout Parr in the River Endrick

The Endrick flows into lomond and provides a great habitat for Brown Trout.

Gudgeon Feeding

I was surprised to see the number of gudgeon both in the Loch and the rivers that go into and some monsters to! If anyone fancies getting the record gudgeon get to Lomond!

Shoal of Roach & Perch

Even though the water was fairly clear it had a huge amount of back scatter which is problematic for the underwater photographer an largely ruins most shots like this of the mega shoal made up of roach, perch, gudgeon and ruffe near the pier at balhama.

Calm day on Loch Lomond (Image: Josh Jaggard)

Over all the trip was a success and really enjoyed taking some images underwater in Scotland something i hope to build on in the coming years.

BBC Wildlife Local Patch Reporter
Jack Perks

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