Sunday, 27 July 2014

Big Butterfly Count 2014

From the 19th of July to the 10th August is the big butterfly count something i did for the first time last year and have continued this year on my local patch in the meadows. if you'd like to join in here's a link

Small Skipper

I have to say i was never overly interested in lepidoptera before i saw the springwatch special last year and it really spurred me into taking more images of them.

Cinnabar Moths Mating

These day time moths were mating on a stem as i was walking by, theres allot of skill in wildlife photography but theres always that element of luck you have to take advantage off particularly when you see a behaviour rather then just a moth sitting there on its own.

Speckled Wood

As the day got warmer the butterflies got allot more active and harder to get close to so i would differently recommend going early morning for easier shots of the butterflies. This Speckled Wood was very jumpy but by letting it settle i was able to get a shot i was happy with.

Small Blue

This little fellow was what i really wanted a small blue, such a beautiful little insect and again spending allot of time chasing butterflies around a meadow (see i have a softer side). Its the colours on both sides of the wings i like with these insects.


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