Monday, 21 October 2013

Cairngorms National Park

I recently returned to the Cairngorms National Park and visited the fantastic Speyside Wildlife Hides hoping for Pine martin mainly but also plenty of other mammals turned up like this hungry red deer which hovered up the peanuts! a local woodmouse also kept poping out for nuts.

We saw a total of five badgers which is the first time i've ever really got a good look at one so a well worth trip even if the martins didn't show. Seeing one close up was a awesome experiance and why anyone would want to harm one is beyond me.
Really recommend going to the hides for close up encounters with mammals!

Another day brought me going after the Red Grouse which populated the moors all around us. The trick was to stay in the car as they tend to fly off when you get out (see below)

Main goal was the film Atlantic Salmon but the water was very tea coloured and with little rain they weren't running so turned my attention to there top predator the Otter. (Click fot video)

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