Thursday, 23 May 2013

Nottingham Peregrines & Carsington Birding

Going along to the ringing of the Nottingham Trent University Peregrine chicks yesterday was a fantastic experience seeing them up close.

The three chicks are yet to be named but local school children have been putting in suggestions. The chicks parents have nested on the building for a few years now and return to the same box which is under a webcam that can be watched 24/7.

Being careful not to get fingers to close as the chicks were not overly happy with being held!

At the end they are put back and the parents hovering above were constantly calling to them. Peregrines  like to nest on cliff edges so our towns ans cities provide great nesting sites to the point that London, Derby, Norwich and most other cities now have a resident pair.

Shooting straight off the Derbyshire i visited Carsington water a first for me and what a surprise a fantastic site full of wildlife. Owned by seven trent water and with help from partners like the RSPB makes this a truly magical site to visit and take wildlife images.

I've been wanting a shot of a bullfinch for a while now so was pleased to finally get one when it kept coming to the feeder. I have to say by far Carsingtons birdlife is its biggest attraction with a wide range of species for the keen birder to find.

Two gooslings are enjoying the sun shine.

 If your based in Nottingham or just fancy coming along I'm setting up a photography group for talks, trips, tips, exhibitions and competitions.


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