Saturday, 26 January 2013

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

The Cairngorms are the last true wilderness in the UK and home to a variety of wildlife with species like cappercallie, black grouse and pine martin not a impossibity (although did'nt help me much as i saw none of these!) i did however see many other species during my stay.

Crested tits are found all over europe but only found in scotland in the UK maibly due to there liking of rotting pine wood which is common in the highlands.

The red squirrel is another species that is often thought of thriving in the highlands but despite this they will live in warmer climates its just they can eat pine cones which the grey squirrel struggles to do. 

By January most adult salmon have already spawned so this decaying salmon was no surprise to me, it was more of a surprise when i came back to find it had been moved and found that a otter had been watching me and moved 'his' meal.

Short video of me going after species

Some bloopers

Hints -

- During the cold tempertures animals tend to take risks more like coming close to you for food so a bag of seed or nuts is always handy to have

- Make no mistake the cairngorms is a dangerous place while staying there four mountaineers died climbing cairngorm! don't go alone to any location as the phone signal can be quite bad!

- May sound obvious but pack warm its bloody cold!

- Eat more, walking all day in the cold will burn lots of calories so you need to make up for it.!portfolios/c398

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