Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Diary for the next few months

So thought I'd do a little time line of talks, trips and publications for the next few months

November - Licolnshire Wildlife Trust - Spined Loach Image
- University of Cumbria Talk - Rockpools & Rivers

December - Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Kids Magazine - Stickleback image
- Derby Telegraph - Interview about my work
- BBC Winterwatch - will be filming and appearing on the show

January - Cairngorms, Scotland - Photography trip
- Countryman Magazine - River article
- University College Falmouth Talk - Whats next?
- University of Nottingham Talk - Coastal Wildlife

February - Guided Photo walk in Nottinghamshire

March - Brook Lamprey shoots

April - National Geographic Project Starts Homepage

September - Beeston Wildlife Group - Talk on Cornish Wildlife Photography

November - Arctic Charr Shoot

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