Friday, 31 January 2014

Welcome To My Patch

Myself snorkeling for zander

So firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Jack Perks a Nottingham based wildlife photographer covering all wildlife but a special interest in our freshwater species, which often leads me into underwater photography. I've always had interest in nature long before photography came into my life and I’ve been lucky for the most part of my life living in the local area and exploring parts people often over look.

Map of the area i'm mainly be sticking to

Here’s the area I’m focusing on part of the Trent Valley on the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire boarder and the three main water courses that I’ll be exploring will be Fairham Brook, Nottingham Canal & The River Trent all very different waterways with unique wildlife as well as finding wildlife closer to home in my own garden. Fairham Brook is a small stream, which despite its urban location holds an amazing amount of wildlife. Nottingham Canal is still in use mainly for pleasure boats and siting’s of kingfisher are not uncommon, Finally the mighty River Trent the third largest river in the country, home to over 30 species of fish and recently otter siting’s something I’ll be chasing up.

European Eels can be found thoughout the River Trent

I’ll be covering a different species each week and describing ways I’ve photographed it as well as some taxonomy of the subject.