Saturday, 23 November 2013

Arctic Charr of Cumbria (underwater images & film)

Arriving at the Lake District in Cumbria i had my sights set on one of Britain's rarest freshwater fish the Arctic Charr a member of the salmon family which is something of a ice age relic. They can be found in a hand full of glacial lakes.

The environment agency leave nets out over night which catch the charr

Because fish numbers have declined in recent years the charr are harvested with eggs and milk collected to be taken to a hatchery and boost numbers.

By gently rubbing the females the eggs come out and put into a bag for transport to the hatchery.

This hen fish has been weighed to assess its health and provide vital data.

Cock fish running up stream, after the eggs and milk have been taken the EA release the fish giving me a chance to get much more natural shots.

Cock fish protecting the female and showings its presence with a jaw gape. its estimated that there are around 1,000 charr left in Ennerdale Water.

 Two charr pair off over the clean gravels. The male has some scarring over his eye which could be previous spawning and unlike salmon the charr don't die after spawning.

Arctic Charr video

Film Footage of Charr Underwater